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DENTCO has been the Masters of Exterior Services Management for over 40 years. Our 99 percent client retention rate makes us one of the most respected brands in the industry. We provide management of landscape, snow removal, dark store, and parking lot services to multi-site customers nationwide.


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  • DENTCO is a Dewitt, Michigan-based Exterior Services Management Company (ESM) with over 44 years of experience maintaining the exteriors of some of the world’s most respected brands. DENTCO helps multi-site, multi-state clients consolidate, centralize, reduce costs, and realize the importance of quality-assured exterior services. Our employees perform hands-on ESM philosophies, supported by our quality-management application, allowing facility managers to oversee thousands of sites nationally via the internet.  

    DENTCO has contractor partners throughout the nation who provide landscaping, snow and ice removal, parking lot maintenance and dark store services for restaurants across the U.S.  

    Has your workforce been reduced? Are you decentralized? Do you want help consolidating? 

    Contact us today at 800-993-3689 or and we will guide you every step of the way. 

    Creating Certainty in an Uncertain Time 

    During these uncertain times as many restaurant brands adjust to a different way of doing business, DENTCO’s dark store management and curb appeal services are both equally important – depending on the state of a business. 

    Curb Appeal 

    Curb appeal has always been important for brand equity in consumer eyes, but in a world where restaurants have had to adapt and switch to expanding on curbside pickup and take out, the outer appearance of each location must be maintained and be inviting. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a consumer shift to a hyper-awareness on cleanliness.  A standalone restaurant that has uncut grass, weeds, overgrown bushes or trees, pothole ridden parking lots, and/or dirty concrete could be perceived as unclean, unsafe and therefore a danger to patronize. 

    With this being the “new normal,” a restaurant facility manager with multiple locations in multiple states must focus on to putting its brand’s best foot forward during these changing times. Consider signage, potholes, sidewalks, landscaping and the overall appearance of the exterior. 

    Finally, to allow customers to know that the restaurant is open for business, maintaining curb appeal is significant and will showcase your restaurant is ready for business. 

    Additionally, maintaining exterior services now will help reduce excessive costs of replacing more expensive exterior assets.  

    Dark Store Management 

    Dark Store Management is also critical to implement if a business is temporarily or permanently closed. To maintain existing restaurants that are closed and keep the premises safe and secure, there are multiple challenges facility managers face.  

    Dark Properties are a major challenge for multi-site companies. The solution is to work with trusted service providers who can “step in” to provide solutions, execute this process across a wide network of properties, and do it quickly and properly. This ensures properties remain maintained and prevents large capital expenditure costs down the road. As COVID-19 passes, properties will re-open quickly and the transition from closed to open will be smooth.  

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